When Sarah and Hugh came over they brought lots of goodies with them for us.  The gifts were thoughtful and well recieved!  Family always know us the best and certainly know how to spoil us.  One of the things that I loved the most of all though was some precious drawings from the cousins to our boys.

I loved the detail and the “story” that each of the pictures told.  It is lovely to see what they deem important enough to put to paper.  It really is priceless.  Will sent a gorgeous picture for the boys to colour in – which has gone straight to the fridge – our place of importance!


Archie's drawing for Caleb



Fergus' drawing for Isaac



We lost our rhythm.  No other explanation really.  Matt was away on tour for five weeks and I was struggling by the end to keep blogging and continue everything else called life.

Since Matt  returned (oh how sweet it has been!) we have had some Aussie friends and their kids staying with us, Stu and Tash Bade and their three kids Danielle, Andrew and Nicholas. (Matt went through University with Stu).

The kids loved having some new friends to play with and Matt and I thoroughly enjoyed having the adult interaction. We enjoyed sweet fellowship and encouragement, babysitting time as well as some terrific food (thanks Stu!).  I particularly enjoyed a “girl’s only coffee date” with Natasha and Danielle.  All in all a lovely time.

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Caleb is my outdoor man.  He will choose to play outside forever if I let him.  We live on 1.5acres and it has an underground spring that runs at the back of our property when we get rain.

Caleb loves it!  He completely gets into a zone all of his own.  I love to watch him – it’s beautiful seeing his face light up and be completely absorbed in the moment.

We have a favourite recipe in our house right now.  Cupcakes, vanilla, with fluffy (and fattening) icing.

Isaac is quite the whiz in the kitchen. He can crack eggs without the shell going in the bowl and enjoys using the electric mixer.  Sad to say our beaters died just as we completed making some for Isaac’s final day at Mother’s Day Out!!!  That was depressing.

I have yet to go and buy another, but given the need to keep busy these next few weeks I have just placed that purchase at the top of our shopping list!  We are going to venture out Grocery shopping tomorrow, so the cooking can continue.  Oh yeah, and while I’m there I am going to count how many people manage to tell me – “Wow/Boy, you certainly have your hands full!”  I don’t really understand the great need to point that out to someone who is well aware of that fact!!!

Anyway, that’s all for now!

OK…..I’m not going to lie.  The next three weeks are going to be long!!!!

Matt is away on a tour with Michael W. Smith. He is going to South Africa and Brazil.

I have made a tentative plan of events/activities to try to distract us.  21 days with three kids is totally doable – right?!

So far – painting:

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I decided to take my sister Sarah out for Afternoon Tea as a treat for her birthday.  (I won’t mention how old she turned  🙂  – you stop counting after 30 right?) We went to a cute little High Tea restaurant that has recently opened up in Spring Hill.  If you’d seen me you may have mistaken it for my birthday (I was pretty excited), I don’t get out much!

It was very cute! http://www.homesteadmanor.com/

We had a table in the “Hat Room”.  Hats were hung from the wall and we were encouraged to try them on by the staff. Sarah and I were the only ones in the room game enough!

The best part? (Besides the delicious Tea and sumptuous food).   It was an extra special time chatting with my precious sister.  Missing ya Sar Sar!

I had "Caramel"Tea and Sarah "Romantic" - both very nice!

Too many to choose - seriously!

Doesn't she look gorgeous!!

I LOVE this one on Sar! So classy!

Me - trying to pull off being posh!



Outside barn/shed! Garden was beautiful.

Jack’s first tooth came through as he turned one in January.  So approximately 5 months of solid food sans teeth would seemingly be difficult?  It didn’t seem to slow him down.  Actually he gets pretty annoyed if he isn’t served the same as his two older brother’s, and heaven help you if you try to help spoon feed him!

5 months later and he only has four teeth….let’s just say the kid can eat, don’t let his size fool you!